How to setup an eCommerce WordPress Blog – Intro

by Jeremy Nickel

Let me just preface this post by saying there are already a lot of pages out there that detail the process of setting up an eCommerce site using WordPress.

Not to mention all the pages regarding general WordPress site setup. So why am I creating this? The answer is two-fold: a) I promised a friend that I would, and b) there doesn’t seem to be a really intuitive comprehensive guide out there. There are, however, great pages focusing on the specifics of getting your eCommerce WordPress site set up.

Throughout this article I’ll provide links to other articles that I’ve combed through. I’ll try and stay away from giving you links to sites that have a billion ads, and I’ll definitely avoid sending you to a place that still has pop-ups (who the hell still does that, anyway?).



Props to Traci Andrighetti for providing invaluable edits to this series. Please check out her rad blog at: italicissima.

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